LJ Building Consultancy
We make it simple for you...
We understand it is sometimes difficult to find that "perfect" builder - AT LJBC,we do the "hunting" for you!


It is hard to find a plan that suits exactly what you have in mind. You may have to "hunt" around for that "perfect" Sales Consultant working with that "perfect" builder. The truth is, most, if not all our registered builders are as good! We have very stingent rules to follow in the building industry.

So your deciding factor is really "value for money".


At LJ Building Consultancy, we work with you first on the most important thing: a design you desire that fits on your purchased block of land.

Once that is done, we will get the builders who are registered with us to quote.

We will present the quotes to you, once you have decided which builder to go with, we will connect you with them and they will take it from there, all at no extra cost to you!

Don't waste your time "hunting", come try us TODAY!