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Activity Statement (BAS & IAS)
One of the mistakes an owner can make when doing their own bookkeeping is failing to lodge their PAYG or BAS Statement on time.  This can lead to a failure to lodge on time (FTL) penalty.  Using the services of qualified bookkeepers will give you peace of mind as we will keep your records up to date and contact you when we require any additional information to lodge your forms on time. 




What documents do I need to bring for my BAS?

It is important that you refer to the document checklist before coming in for your appoint ment.  Alternatively, if this is inconvenient, why not do what many other clients do, forward your information to us by mail or email.  In order to ensure that you have included all items necessary for your BAS, please download and review the BAS checklist. 

Due dates for lodgment and payment (2011/2012)
The due date for lodging and paying is pre-printed at the top right hand corner of your activity      statement.
Quarter Due date
1 - July, August and September 2011 28 October 2011
2 - October, November and December 2011 28 February 2012
3 - January, February and March 2012 28 April 2012
4 - April, May and June 2012 28 July 2012


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